Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Indian Summer

Let's start off with a little confession.  I finished this sweater in summer of 2015 before my son was born.  However, I managed to take pictures and start a blog post in October of 2015.  I never finished the post, so here we are a year later and you are just now seeing this (unless of course you follow me on ravlery).

I was a bit inspired by the Masterpiece show Indian Summers when I finally had the chance to photograph this sweater, and at the time, we were having a very gorgeous Indian Summer as well.  Hence the title of this post.

Have you ever had one of those projects that almost feels like fate?  I had been holding onto this Cascade cotton for about five years; I bought it at the general store while on my honeymoon.  I wanted to make something special with it, but soon learned that cotton is not always the best choice for knitting sweaters.  Last year I shared that I had a bit of a stash problem with my yarn, which lead me to organize my stash via ravelry.  While I was on quite the knitting kick last year, I started to search out more knitting blogs to follow rather than sewing blogs.  I came across Tres Bien Ensemble and decided to add her to my ravelry friends as well.  This lead me to stalk her favorites and queue - where I came across this wrap cardigan.  As I searched through fellow raveler's finished sweaters, one caught my eye.  Krystina had made hers out of Ultra Pima Cascade yarns and had changed the lace pattern to once from Vogue's Stitchonary.  I thought this would be the perfect match for the yarn purchased on my honeymoon and I had just checked out the Vogue Stitchonary Lace volume from the library.  Really, it was fate.

I loved how fast the sweater knit up, especially the body and the sleeves.  I did adjust the pattern so that the fronts and back were knit seamlessly as one piece until the armhole divide.  Of course, I also adjusted the pattern to use one of the lace patterns in the Vogue Stitchonary Lace volume.  This was my first time doing a true lace pattern, and I found it to be easier than I thought.  It didn't take long before I had the rows memorized and was whizzing along on the lace panel.  I got so caught up in the lace pattern that I knit my panel a little too long and then it stretched even more after blocking - so I ended up with quite a bit of tail after wrapping and tying the panel.

This sweater was a great transitional piece for summer into fall for me - especially last year.  With nursing my little one, it was really nice to have an outer layer that was a wrap sweater - it was easy to remove and provided a little more coverage over my nursing tank.  I'm all about modesty, especially when nursing, so this was a great little number to add to wardrobe.

It feels weird to be posting this sweater so late, but I really don't have much of a backlog of projects from the past year.  I also just shared that it took me four months to sew a dress, so you know there won't be other new projects coming any time soon.


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