Thursday, June 4, 2015

Simplicity 4635 at 33 Weeks!

While I haven't been doing any sewing as of late, I do have a sewing project to share with you.  You've seen a glimpse of the unfinished dress here, but I now finally have pictures of the finished dress to share!  This past weekend there was another 1940's themed Swing Dance event, which gave me the excuse to wear this very 1940's-pretty-much-costume-like-dress that I made.

Some of these pictures actually make the dress look a bit more flattering than the way it looks in real life.  Maternity clothing from the 40's was so different than it is today.  The very first thing I noticed when sewing this up, is that the sash hits at the natural waist (which is something that completely disappears during pregnancy).  All of the modern maternity dresses that I have are empire waist - nothing hits at my natural waist.  Also, most maternity dresses today are made from knit fabrics rather than woven.  This dress of course uses a woven fabric (in a vintage reproduction print).

My hair has grown so long lately that I hardly take the time to do it anymore.  I've only ever attempted victory rolls two other times, but I figured that I needed to go all out with my vintage look for this event.  I found a modern victory roll tutorial; and while I don't have a curling iron any more, I think I did a decent job recreating this look - even though it may not be a truly authentic 1940's hairstyle.

 While I really enjoyed wearing this dress to a 1940's themed event, I don't know if it will get much use elsewhere.  I feel that it looks a lot like a costume, and there really isn't a way to modernize it at all.  (However, Lord willing, this is not my last pregnancy and there are dances like this every Spring!)  I'm just glad I made this dress while I wasn't pregnant, and that it was ready to wear well before the night of the event, unlike the last time I sewed a dress for a similar event.

After a full night of dancing in high heals at 33 weeks pregnant and staying up well past my bedtime, I'm taking it easy this week!  I hope you are having a fantastic week.



  1. Oh wow - you look amazing! :0)

    1. Thanks you, that is such a sweet comment at this stage in my pregnancy ;)

  2. Haha - I remember it well! I was huge towards the end of mine. Totally gorgeous, and not long to go now. It's very exciting.