Thursday, May 21, 2015

Signs of Summer

My plan wasn't to turn this blog into knits for little ones, but that appears to be the case for the time being.  My latest knit is a new favorite for me (to see on my daughter).  It's the Midsummer Meadow Tunic by Heidi Atwood-Reeves.  When I saw this test knit come up I was trying to decide between this one and a cute sweater by another pattern designer; I'm terrible at testing two projects at once.  I chose this one, because I had the perfect yarn in my stash (yay, for using up stash!) and I thought that a little tunic would be perfect for my girly girl.

I love how this tunic has fun details like the three little dandelions on the skirt portion of the tunic, picot welt, back box pleat, back keyhole and flower details throughout the yoke.  All this, and there is still a lot of stockinette, so it is a fast and easy knit.

The yarn I used for this project was Frog Tree Picoboo.  I love this yarn, it's a DK Bamboo Cotton, so it's incredibly soft and has a nice drape.  It's also machine washable, which is pretty much a must with children's clothing.  When my sister saw this tunic she mentioned that she loved the yarn (she's not a knitter, she was hinting that I should use the yarn to make something for her son).

While there are still a handful of future test knits that I've seen previews of, and absolutely want to be a part of, I've also started eyeing up some projects for me (it's about time!).  I've lost an interest in sewing for the time being, but I'm hoping that if I start knitting for me than sewing will naturally follow.


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