Thursday, March 26, 2015

Maternity Mood Board

I'm trying something a little different with my mood board this time.  Typically I have drawn inspiration from nature and the things happening outside - for Spring and Fall this is always so easy to do.  However, being in between seasons, and wanting my maternity wear to be somewhat trans-seasonal (is that a thing?), I decided to base my inspiration on some lovely outfits on pinterest.
Photo credit clockwise from center top: Child, Dress, Polkadot, Blazer, Stripes, Skirt

I actually love this mood board.  As you can see, there aren't any maternity outfits that I'm using for inspiration - more the color pallet.  I have always been a fan of navy and yellow together, and seeing some of these outfits on pinterest only depended that appreciation.  Adding a more graphic element like bold stripes and polka dots; loving it!  I also started seeing shades of green paired with navy, again using stripes, checks and polka dots.  The picture from the top right is probably the most "me" of all the outfits here, but I would love to incorporate elements from all of these pictures into a maternity wardrobe that is "me."

After spending more time than usual on pinterest to draw inspiration for this mood board and my maternity sewing, I found myself feeling more materialistic.  It's strange, but normally I don't put a lot of effort into how I look.  I own one purse until it falls apart, I don't really have a jewelry collection, I love my shoes - but don't have a lot of them, and my closet is pretty "thin."  After browsing so many amazing outfits, I find myself wanting more - more accessories, more clothes, more shoes.  Right now, I love the idea of feeling "put together" in an outfit.  Does this happen to anyone else after looking at pinterest?  I mean, can it really change your perspective on things, or am I just experiencing a shallow moment?  Would love your thoughts on my pinterest tangent!

I will be back next week with my actual sewing plans based off this mood board.  In the mean time, if anyone wants to share their favorite maternity sewing patterns, I'm listening.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mummy Mommy

I was really, really hoping to have some sewing time this past week but I got bogged down with the flu.  It was the worst!  My symptoms lasted nearly a week, and chasing after a toddler and wanting to throw up do not mix well.  Fortunately, I am now completely over the flu and feeling great.  I was going to post another baby test knit for you, but I've shared a lot of baby knitting on this blog recently, so I decided to mix it up a bit.  Since I didn't have a chance to squeeze in some sewing I thought I would share an older sewing project that never made it onto this blog.

I made this top two years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter, it's the Megan Nielsen Maternity Wrap Top.  I love wearing this top because it's different from the things I've seen at the stores.  It's also really comfortable and easily grows with your body because you just wrap yards of fabric around yourself until you feel "covered", then you tie a knot.  I do feel a bit like a mummy, and it does take more work to get dressed than when I just throw on a t-shirt - but I like the way it looks.

Do you know what is most amazing to me?  These pictures were taken outside in the middle of March! Normally, I'm still freezing my fingers off even with mittens on this time of year.  We have had the most wonderful early Spring - I've had my windows open several times this month - and typically the furnace would still be going full blast.  Lovely weather = happy Mommy, happy Mommy = happy baby.  Life is good.  (Yay 22 weeks!)

In these pictures the color of the fabric didn't quite turn out as it is in real life.  It's still a bright salmon color, but not as neon as it appears in these photos.  The color is one of my favorites - as you can see it nearly matches my shoes!  I'm also wearing some maternity jeans, hand-me-ups from my younger sister.  I survived my last pregnancy without needing maternity pants because I carried really high, this time baby is sitting pretty low - so maternity pants are a necessity.  It's so nice to be able to "share" with my sister.  But alas, she had a winter baby and I'm having a summer baby - so I will need to start doing some sewing to survive the rest of this pregnancy.

What have you got on your sewing table?


Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Believe in Woodsprites

Last week I mentioned that I have been preoccupied with some test knitting again.  Late in January, Heidi of Make Ready announced that she was looking for test knitters for her Woodsprite Hooded Coat.  I took one look at her sample knits and volunteered all of my free time.  You see, my daughter loves wearing sweatshirts all the time.  She loves hoods and pockets (mostly for storing animal crackers), also it's winter in MN so it's cold.  But I want her to wear more sweaters - so this project satisfies us both.  It's a sweater, but it's got the hood and the pockets.

Since my daughter has been pretty difficult to photograph as of late (it took a month and half to get her 18 month pictures - so they were actually 19 1/2 month pictures - and only 4 of them turned out) I thought I would compensate for the potentially bad photos by overdoing the woodsprite theme.  So I cut out a bunch of construction paper woodsprites or faeries and took my daughter on a woodsprite hunt.

To my amazement, we had a blast and the photos turned out much better than any other photos I have tried to take of her in the past two months.  (I especially love the photo below with her look of amazement).

I knit this sweater from Rowan Belle Organic Aran, which is a cotton wool blend that has been discontinued.  It's actually a great yarn, but it is a bit heavy because of the cotton, so this sweater could almost replace a jacket in the early spring or fall.  When I bought the yarn a year ago, I was intending to make something similar to this sweater - only I hadn't found the right pattern.  The fact that this pattern didn't show up until this year was perfect, because I prefer this type of sweater for my daughter now that she is a toddler, rather than a baby.

This is her "I'm so excited, I just spotted a woodsprite face"!
Seriously, I had way too fun much taking these pictures!  I've got pictures of my nephew in his first ever auntie photo shoot for next week's post.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pretty Mommy | Making it Work

Wow, I can't believe the entire month of February went by and I didn't even post once!  I shared my big news with you all, then dropped out of the blog world.  I was hoping that I would start getting excited about sewing for my bump, but as with my first pregnancy, it takes a while for the bump to make an appearance.  Finally, this past week the bump showed up, so I'm a little more motivated to start some maternity sewing.

In the mean time, I've been making my normal wardrobe work for me.  It seems that a cardigan, loose fitting shirt, and jeans are my mommy uniform!  Seriously, I wear this look almost every day - just mixing up the cardigans, tops and jeans.  It works though, and it looks mostly pulled together (at least to my standards, haha).

Cardigan: Banana Republic
Blouse: Made by Me
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Anthropologie

So, this is what 19 weeks looks like for me.  I have to admit that I am one of those people who actually likes being pregnant (after the first trimester).  I love watching my belly grow and feeling the baby move around inside.  And I'm amazed that I'm around the halfway point, this pregnancy is going by fast!

 As I mentioned, I'm hoping to have some sewing inspiration soon - now that there's actually a bump to sew for.  I've been doing some test knits recently, which has been eating up my free time (speaking of eating, I could go for some yogurt and granola right now . . . )  I'll be sharing those final projects here in the coming weeks - buying myself some time to figure out if I will actually get motivated to start sewing.