Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dear Tasia, You are awesome!

So in my last sewing related post I talked about finishing a 1940's maternity dress, and this is not that dress.  While I did finish the dress (yeah), for some reason, I haven't had the need to promenade around in a 1940's maternity dress.  Weird, huh?  Anyway, once the dress was finished I felt I had some momentum and I should keep sewing.  My sewing pattern from Vicki had not yet arrived so I thought that this would be the perfect intermittent project, and it was!

Seriously, why did I not listen to the sewing community sooner about how awesome this pattern is?  It seems everyone who has ever worn a t-shirt and knows how to sew has whipped out one of these babies.  I have had the Renfrew pattern in my stash since Tasia first released it.  At first I was waiting for a sew along (that was back when I felt like I needed a sew along for any project).  Then I kept reading about how everyone was afraid to sew with knits.  I thought, well I'm not afraid to sew with knits, but if so-and-so is then I should be too.  Ha, what a horrible, self-imposed fear.  So glad I overcame that fear while sewing maternity clothes last year, it made diving into this project much easier.

Honestly, I had every intention to blog about this shirt in early March when I finished it and took these photos.  Then life happened, so you get to see them now.  I was even thinking about retaking the pictures now that the weather has warmed up and it is beautiful outside, but then I figured I would rather spend the time writing up a blog post than taking more pictures . . . because life is busy.

Tasia's patterns are pretty well known for having great instructions that are easy to follow, but it still surprised me how easy this was to sew up.  The whole time I was sewing this, I was thinking I will never have to buy t-shirts again, I'll just sew up a billion of these. . . but I am a busy mom, so I was totally lying to myself.  I have bought t-shirts since sewing this, but I'm convinced that I will sew more Renfrews.

I love the fabric, it is a rayon/cotton blend from Girl Charlee.  It was my second time ordering fabric from an on-line retailer and I was a bit hesitant as I did not love my first experience.  However, with Girl Charlee, my fabric arrived looking a lot more like I expected it to look and I am much happier.  I've even been browsing the website some more, looking for the perfect fabric for an upcoming project - you know, for when I have time to sew.

Here is one last look at my new not-so-new shirt in action with my baby girl.  Oh man, she looks so young in these pictures.  Note to self, must write blog post shortly after taking photos . . .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Pretty Mommy | Nautical Stripes to the Rescue

Shirt: J. Crew, Skirt: White House Black Market, Shoes: Anthropologie

I know this post is a bit different from what you are used to seeing on this blog - I did not make a single thing in this outfit!  So here's the deal, ever since my daughter was born I've been obsessing a bit over fashion.  Prior to Baby Girl I had a strong sense of my personal style and I really liked it.  Problem is, 90% of my wardrobe no longer fits my current lifestyle (and some of it just plain doesn't fit).  Going from an office job with a professional dress code is very different from working part time in an extremely casual environment and being a mommy the rest of the time.

So, when I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers was hosting a mama style monday on Instagram, I decided I wanted in!  I figured that if I was going to make the effort of taking pictures of myself, that I may as well post them on my blog.  Plus, I have learned that if I am going to rely solely on knitting and sewing posts I may as well abandon this blog.

Pretty Mommy.  Like that title?  When I first came home from the hospital with Baby Girl my youngest sister was over visiting.  While sitting on my bed she looked at my pedicure (the only when I have ever had in my life) and said "oh, your toes are so pretty and you shaved your legs, what a pretty mommy."  Seriously, after nine months of feeling like a tank and still having a baby belly, that comment made me feel like a model.  I had been thinking about a way of trying to somehow incorporate that into my blog ever since.  So here it is, Pretty Mommy, a posting category for my attempts to find my new personal style while accommodating mommyhood.  Don't worry, this will not become the only content on my blog.  I am just picking up sewing again, though it is coming along quite slowly.

Okay, about the outfit.  I have always loved this skirt and I used to wear it to work, but I have always had trouble styling it.  Nothing in my closet really goes with bright pink, I actually cringe when I think of some of the ways that I wore this to work.  But now as a mom, I think a casual t-shirt goes perfectly with it.  The nautical stripes dress down the skirt, while still allowing me to feel "put together".  Plus the t-shirt and skirt combo works perfect for the fact that I am still nursing.  The shoes are from Anthropologie and they are the only shoe with a high heel that I have attempted since becoming a mom.  They are my favorite pair of shoes and I wear them all of the time.

Mama and Baby Girl