Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A bit of knitting

Why hello there!  Not sure if you remember me since it has been nearly a year since my last post.  I even debated writing this post.  Will this be my only post of 2014?  Is it merely just a drop-in to say "hi" and feel connected with the blogging world again?

Honestly, I don't know the answers to my own questions.  I only know that I really miss blogging and feeling connected to all of my "friends" in the sewing and knitting community.  I know that I will not be able to blog as often as I had in the past.  Why is that you may be wondering?  Well, I have the most beautiful daughter in the world (strongly biased opinion admitted to!) who I simply love to smother with attention.  She is also such a light sleeper, that the two times I tried sewing during her nap, she woke up immediately.  But, I'm thinking of moving my sewing area from the well lit upstairs bedroom, to the dark basement.  I can sacrifice natural light for the chance that I may sew something.

Of course this post wouldn't be worth the bother if that's all I wanted to share with you, so I thought I would show off a few knitted items, modeled by the most beautiful girl ever (again, strongly biased opinion admitted to).

First up is the Antler Hat by Melody Rogers.  I knit this while I was pregnant and 100% sure that I was having a boy, because a mother just knows . . .  Also my dad had told me, I hope the bump is a buck!  When my daughter arrived, I still felt the hat just suited her, so I added a flower as I snapped this picture for her birth announcement.

Ravelry notes here
Next up is a little football hat by Jessica Marini, because Hubby and I are both big football fans, and we only thought it natural to introduce this love to our little one at an early age.  We will however not force her to be a fan of any one team in particular . . . well there may be some encouragement in the right direction :)

Ravelry notes here
The project makes me smile every time I look at these pictures.  The pattern is the Little Coffee Bean Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith.  So, this started out as a cute little sweater for my son - because a mother just knows.  However, I cannot tell you how refreshing it was to add blue to my daughter's wardrobe since like 95% of the things we received were pink.  And not just any pink, they were all ballet pink.  Don't get me wrong, pink is a lovely color for little girls - but a little variety never hurt anyone.  Plus I think the blue brings out her eyes.

 Ravelry notes here

The last project I have is the GAP-tastic cowl (by Jen Renee) that I knit for my little sister.  I finished this one up on December 24th and immediately had my daughter model it.  Because I am an overly-proud mother, I stuck a few of these photos with the cowl for my sister to open on Christmas.  Hey, aunties always want more photos of their nieces, right?  Luckily my over-zealous need to share photos of my little one was not in vain, auntie proudly displays this picture at work.  Oh, did you want to know about the cowl?  Well, it is a super fast knit (a refreshing change from knitting with lace yarn) and a very easy pattern to follow.  Plus, I love the yarn that I used - MountainTop Chalet by Classic Elite Yarns.

Ravlery notes here
Thanks for letting me feel connected to all of you again.  I promise not to turn my blog into a place dedicated to my daughter - but it will only be natural if she shows up from time-to-time.  My posting will likely be different from what it was in the past, though I still have a love of sewing (I can't tell you how badly I want to start sewing again).