Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We've Been Sewing - 20 Weeks

Lately, whenever some refers to myself or the baby I've been responding with we . . .  How is the baby doing?  We are doing great (said while cradling my little bump).  The team is going to Chipotle for lunch, do you like Chipotle?  Oh yes, we really like Chipotle! (Also said while cradling my bump).

Oh yes, we really like Chipotle!
So while Little Pooh likely has no idea of my doings, I still say that we have been sewing - more specifically, we have been sewing for us.  When I initially set out my maternity to-do list, the first thing on the list on was a shirtwaist dress that would fit me now as well as be a great outfit for nursing later this summer.  Being fed up with the poor quality of maternity clothes, I decided to go all out with this dress and make bound button holes and conceal every raw edge.  I maybe put too much effort into this dress, but I want something that will make me feel pretty once my little one is here and I am tired of the baby weight.

Bound button hole.

Doesn't pretty finishing make you smile?
Another time consuming process on this baby was matching up the plaid.  It was impossible to completely match up everything, with the darts, folds, gathers - and the fact that this is a one-way plaid - but I matched it up in as many places as I possibly could.  Check out this front photo - that is 5 pieces (left bodice, right bodice, left skirt, right skirt, and button placket) all coming together in perfect harmony down the center front of the dress!

I'm actually pretty happy with the way the dress turned out.  It fits me right now at 20 weeks, so I should have no problem fitting into it again come July.  The dress also looks pretty good on my non-pregnant dress form, so I'm hoping it will look equally as stunning on me once I've lost the baby tummy.

On my dress from - sans baby bump
Can you believe that I am at 20 weeks already?  I'm halfway there, just 20 more weeks more (approximately) and I can hold my little one in my arms.  Oh, how I am anticipating that day.

What do you think - can I pull off "Cool Mommy"?

 Okay, I've got some serious knitting to get back to.  But I am so happy to have this dress completed.

Live in this moment and love life!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We Have a Winner!

It was so much fun to read all of your comments on my giveaway post.  In a way, I wish I were able to give out fifty lengths of silk because I want to see each and everyone of your projects - they all sound so wonderful.

Alas, there can only be one winner (but I've already decided that this was so much fun, that I must host another giveaway).  And the winner of the giveaway . . .

. . . who chose the mint green silk . .

. . . is the 49th of 50 comments . . .

. . .  Jill of Laugh, But Not Loudly.  Congratulations Jill!  I have sent you an email, and I can't wait to see your camisole :)

Live in this moment and love life!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sew Grateful for Silk

Hello everyone!  Debi at My Happy Sewing Place is hosting Sew Grateful Week - and today (Monday) is giveaway day.  I've been wanting to do a giveaway on my blog for quite some time - and what better time than Sew Grateful Week?  I think you are going to like this giveaway, because I am sharing something that many of you have expressed difficulty finding at affordable prices - silk!

Oh yes, you read right.  One lucky follower of either Debi's blog or my blog will win their choice of 1.5 yards of silk.  I will ship internationally, so it is open to anyone.

I have selected three silks from my stash in which I purposely bought in excess so I could give it away. These are all lining fabrics, but would also work great for some lingerie sewing (french knickers, tap pants, slips . . .)

The first choice you have is a pastel, mint green.  The  color in this photo is pretty close to actual.  Like most of the silks I purchase, this one was simply labeled 100% silk - with no further description.  I believe it is Silk Habotai.  It's very light weight and has a slippery feel (though not like charmeuse)

Your second option is another green (I love the color green).  This one is more aqua marine, and is a bit lighter than it is coming across in the photo.  Again, only labeled 100% silk, so I can't say for sure what kind of silk it is, but it's one of my favorite lining fabrics.  I have used this type of silk to line this dress and this skirt.  It feels a bit like a cotton lawn, but better.  It pairs really well with wool and rayon as the main fabrics when used as a lining. 

Your third option is a patterned silk.  This would be such a great print to line a pencil skirt with - that's what I'm hoping to do with the half that I keep for myself.  I've got a deep red wool that I got from a friend and I think it will be just perfect.  This fabric feels like a silk crepe to me, I'm not able to say for sure.

So, how can you enter?  It is so simple.  Just leave a comment telling me which of the three silks you want to win and what you most likely would use it for.

**UPDATE**  Newbie alert!  As this is my first giveaway, I forgot to include a deadline.  I'm updating this post to say that the time to enter this giveaway will close at midnight on Sunday, February 10th.  Please get your entry in before that time to be included.

Live in this moment and love life!