Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Summer Sewing Swap?

Okay, I understand that summer is over and leaves are turning colors - so what is this summer sewing swap?  Back in July, Kerry of Kestrel Finds and Makes organized a sewing swap.  I was delighted to find out that I was paired with Roisin of Dolly Clackett.  Being assigned her swap partner was the first time I had heard of her blog, but one glance through it and I was hooked, so I immediately added her to my RSS feed.

Now, for my excuse on the delay of posting the goods.  During my recent move out of my old home (but not yet into my new home) I somehow misplaced my camera.  Without a camera, what good is a swap brag?  Luckily, with my desire to show off my newly sewn blouse last week, there was an extra push in the search for my camera and I found it!

I must say I felt like a kid at Christmas waiting for my package from Roisin - and she certainly did not disappoint!  There was such a fun variety of things that she included - and I want to use each and every one of them.

First of all, there were two lovely fabrics - a navy gingham and pastel yellow cotton.  I don't know how she knew, but yellow is one of my favorite colors - so it will be fun to incorporate this into a project soon.  After perusing Roisin's blog for a while, I must say that I am quite envious of her ability to perfectly pair her fabric choice with a pattern.  Now that I have this gingham fabric, I want to do an equally quality job of selecting the perfect pattern.

There were also three amazing patterns.  The first is Style (a pattern company I had not heard of).  It looks to be a dress from the 70's.  While I am not a huge fan of the 70's, I love this pattern as it reminds of a dress that I almost bought this past summer.  I only passed it up because for the price, I was not in love with the fabric.  Now I can make it myself and choose any fabric I want.  The next pattern is a Woman's Weekly that looks to be from the 60's.  I am in love with this pattern and can see this made up in a wool suiting for work or a fun cotton in the summer (or both!)  Last is a Vogue reproduction from 1940.   What a classy dress - I think this one will be a lot of fun to make.  Any ideas on fabric choices?

 Roisin completed her swap with a handful of fun notions and candy.  I think any future swap should be required to include candy.  (I had to be very good and not munch on these until I was able to find my camera to take pictures).

Thank you my dear swap buddy Roisin (and my apologies for such a late post).  Kerry, I am so glad you organized this swap - hopefully you be planning another one.  If you would like to see what I sent Roisin, you can read her post here.

Live in this moment and love life!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finding Fall

Why hello!  It has been a while hasn't it?  When we last met I mentioned that I was moving and that was that, two months of silence with nothing more.  Well hubby and I had sold our house much quicker than anticipated, which left us scrambling to find a place to live.  We ending up choosing to live with my parents as a temporary solution while keeping up the house hunting.  I am happy to report that we did find a home and will be moving in next month!  But more on that for a later post, because I am happy to say that I finally started to sew.

When Tasia first announced her new Alma blouse, I knew that it was the pattern to break me from my sewing rut.  I needed some more tops to wear to work, I needed something that would require little fitting and adjusting, and I had the perfect fabric in my stash.  The earthy tones of this butterfly fabric seemed so perfect for fall, and it was the single piece of fabric that had been in my stash the longest.  I bought it from a quilt store when I was planning to get into quilting again.  I soon discovered that this soft bamboo cotton was not worthy of a quilt and was much more suited for clothing.  However, having only 1.25 yards of fabric, it sat in my stash waiting for the perfect pattern.

These pictures were taken from the balcony of a lovely Victorian home.  Is it my parents house?  I wish!  I know a lot of parents take mini vacations to get away from the kids, well hubby and I decided we needed a mini vacation to get away from the parents.  Actually, we are quite blessed to have such accommodating and easy to live with parents (and in-laws for the hubby), but we still decided that a few days of just the two us was a wonderful idea.

I am pretty much in love with this pattern and plan on making several more versions.  It's perfect in the way that I can match it with a pencil skirt and heels for work, or some jeans and a cardigan for a walk on a fall day.  That's all I've got for now, but I am going to attempt semi-regular blogging between now and our real move next month.

Live in this moment and love life!