Monday, July 16, 2012

My First Estate Sale

Okay, I know it has been a while since I last posted.  There has been very little sewing going on around here because my sewing machine, fabric stash and patterns were the first things I packed.  Yep, it was pretty hard to do, but I knew that they would be the biggest distractions from packing and moving so I decided it was for the best.  I cannot even tell you how much I miss sewing and can't wait to be reunited with my sewing machine (hopefully in about a week!).  

Despite not having a lot of free time lately,  I was able to drag the hubby to an estate sale that my friend Linda brought to my attention.  The posting mentioned that there was a lot of sewing supplies in this antique-packed farm house.  It sounded pretty promising, so I made the half hour trek and showed up just minutes after opening.  It was upon arriving that I realized what a novice I was in this world where estate sale shopping is more or less of a lifestyle.

Vintage metal zippers in a plastic case.
First of all, hubby and I were each given a number.  Only a limited amount of people were allowed in the house at a time, on a first-come-first-serve basis. As I mentioned above, we arrived shortly after opening - and were given numbers 115 and 116.  As we waited around for our numbers to be called, others were there chatting about the other estates they were hitting up later that day.  They talked with the people from the company running the sale like they were old friends (it appeared that they all knew each other from many previous like events).

When I finally had a chance to enter the house, I was just hoping there would be something left that I would want to take home.  Honestly there was not a lot, but I did come home with a few treasures that I'm happy to include in my collection.

Some pretty lace that came in quite a bit of yardage!
I started out by making a beeline for a box marked "patterns".  Sadly, these patterns were not vintage, they were modern day patterns that are still in print.  However, while scrounging through a box of lace I uncovered a child's dress pattern that looks like it is from the 40's.  Since it was an older pattern and I know too many people having babies, I decided I would take it with me.

I only saw the dress on the left when I first peaked inside,
I was happy to later  find that there were two patterns inside.
I just hope at least on of them is complete.
As another woman was going through a box of quilt squares, she uncovered what appeared to be an older unprinted pattern.  She remarked how neat it was and showed it to her friend.  This quickly caught my attention and I asked if there was anything more like it in the box.  She said there wasn't, but let me look at the pattern in her hands.  My eyes must have lit up, because she asked if I was into vintage sewing and I mentioned that I was - so she said I could have the pattern.

I love aprons, so I can't wait to sew this up.
My hubby pointed out a Kwik Sew lingerie sewing book that he thought I should take home too.  He said something about how I like sewing lingerie and Kerstin was good at sewing so it would probably be a good book for me.  (Yes, he knows the name of the creator of Kiwk Sew).  No, hubby is not interested in sewing, but through his career in accounting he has worked on the Kwik Sew account for the past few years.

This book is probably nothing compared to this gal's collection,
but it's a start at least.
In an honest evaluation, I would say that my findings were not necessarily worth the wait in line, and I don't think that I will become and estate sale "regular" any time soon - but I am pretty happy the things I found.

For those of you who go to estate sales often, do you have similar experiences?  Do you find that there are a lot of regulars who show up super early for their numbers?  Do you expect to find things, and then not find them?  Does it intrigue you enough to keep looking for more estate sales?  I am darn curious.

Live in this moment and love life!