Thursday, May 31, 2012

MMM '12 Days 20 - 31

Sorry, this is going to be a long post!  Time slipped away from me as I haven't been home much between house showings and visiting family.  So here is my final round of Me Made May 2012.

Day 20, Sunday May 20
I paired my Floral Tea Blouse with a pair of jeans and my aqua cardigan to wear to church and teaching Sunday school.  Afterwards hubby and I did some house hunting.

Days 21 - 22, Monday and Tuesday
Monday I wore my Teal Pendrell with my black pencil skirt from Lady Danburry.  Tuesday it was my Apple Orchard Blouse, an a-line skirt and my aqua cardigan.

Day 23 - 24, Wednesday and Thursday
Wednesday I word my Briar Rose sweater with a brown skirt.  Thursday it was raining out - so I had a quick picture taken before leaving for work.  I'm wearing my brown pencil skirt with a purple cardigan.

Days 25 - 28, Friday through Monday
I don't have anything for MMM '12 for these days.  Hubby and I went up to the cabin to spend time with family.  I brought my two sundresses that I had made and was planning on wearing them - the weather proved to be disagreeable with my plans.  Despite the typical Memorial Day weather that came with the weekend, it was still really good to see my hubby's side of the family - they are some of my favorite people ever.

Days 29-30, Tuesday and Wednesday
These are my last official days of MMM '12.  I wore my Floral Tea Blouse for a long day of work.  It was one of those days where I left at 6:30 and didn't get home until after 6:00 that night.  I wanted to be comfortable and this blouse proved to be just what I needed for the day.  Wednesday, I wore my Kiss Stitch Sweater just like I did on day 15.  It was my only outfit repeat during the entire month (but certainly not the only time an item was repeated).

Day 31, Thursday May 31
Sorry, no me-made item for today.  I had to wear red and khaki to work, and I don't have a single me-made item in red or khaki.  Any guesses on where I work?

I plan to do a little post with my final reflections and thoughts on MMM '12 because a zillion thoughts went through my head during this month and I want to share them with you.

Live in this moment and love life!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MMM '12 Days 13 - 19

Day 13, Sunday May 13
As I mentioned in my last post, I finished this dress up the morning of Mother's day before rushing to church.  The picture was taken in my parent's back yard.  Like with anything I make, it was fun to have the compliments of family on this new dress.  My mom is always the most supportive of the things that I make.  

Day 14, Monday May 14
For me, Monday felt rather "blah" as I was getting dressed for work.  Looking at these pictures, I think it is my hair and the weird morning lighting.  Anyway, I'm wearing my Floral Tea Blouse with a basic navy pencil skirt.  A pair of red heels have been thrown in to add some excitement to an otherwise dull ensemble.

Skirt: J. Crew
Shows: J.Crew

Day 15, Tuesday May 15
I was so happy thrilled with the way this outfit turned out.  My Kiss Stitch sweater has been one of my favorite me-made items since I finished it last October and I wear it nearly every week.  However, in all that time I have never paired it with this skirt, in fact I think I have only worn it with the grey skirt from day 7.  But, I am loving the look with this skirt and these cream heels!

Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: White House Black Market

Day 16, Wednesday May 16
This is one of my classic combinations.  I love to pair this pencil skirt with my aqua cardigan.  In the fall and winter I add a pair of brown boots, which is my favorite look.  However, the warm weather has made my boots disappear in favor of my anthropologie heels.  Don't laugh too hard at my sad face from the fact that my plant is dead.  I think I make up for it with my smug "I'm too cool for this photo" grin in the next picture.

Cardigan: Banana Republic
Blouse: Banana Republic
Tank Top: Anne Taylor
Shoes: Anthropologie

Day 17, Thursday May 17
Ha, I told you guys that I love this dress.  I know I just wore it on Sunday, but I was dying to share it with my co-workers, so here it is on Thursday.  As previously mentioned, I thought the ribbon belt was too youthful for work, so today I have a black leather belt that matches my shoes.  I've also got a cardigan since the office is chilly.  I had so much fun wearing this today - it came with tons of compliments from strangers.  I think the bright, bold print is what grabs everyone's attention, because it really is a simple shift.

Cardigan: Banana Republic
Belt: White House Black Market
Shoes: J. Crew

Day 18, Friday May 18
Today was a hot, hot day!  None of my me-made items are great for the office and warm weather, so I did not wear anything me-made to work.  However, as soon as I got home I changed into my Take Me to Hawaii Lonsdale.  I opted not to take any pictures, since it would look just like the picture I took last Thursday.

Day 19, Saturday May 19
Sorry readers, but this was my first official cheat day for MMM '12!  I started out the day with a two hour long walk with the hubby (my absolute favorite thing to do).  Thunderstorms followed later that day and none of my me-made items seemed suitable for the day.  I guess this implies a big gap in my me-made items.

That is all I've got for now!  Have a great day everyone.

Live in this moment and love life!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Pretty Feminine

I am so happy to be finally posting my first dress from my Spring Palette Challenge.  I've had some very busy weeks and feel like I have been working on this dress in 15-20 minute increments, but it is done.  I got up extra early on Sunday to finish the hand sewing on the hem and facings.  I was literally just tying the last knot when hubby darling mentioned that we needed to leave NOW or we would be late.

Out of all things that I have sewn since I started about a year and a half ago, this is my absolute favorite so far!  I don't know if this is conceited, but I just feel pretty in this dress - and it is so darn comfortable.  I think I need at least one more of these in my closet.

Lapped zipper that I am quite proud of.
If you remember from my mood board and planning post, this dress was a bit inspired by some of the fashions I've seen in Mad Men (I've only just started season three).  I wouldn't say this is reflective of any character in particular, just the time period.

The pattern said that the dress could be finished with a ribbon, self made belt or purchased belt.  For these photos I chose to tie two different ribbons around my waist, as well as leave the dress plain.  As I wore the dress to work this week, I added a skinny black belt.  I like using these different accessories to change the look.  I likely won't wear the ribbon when I wear it to work, as that may be too sweet or youthful for an office - but that doesn't mean they won't make an appearance on the weekends.

Since this pattern was made for someone quite a bit smaller than me, I spent a considerable amount of time making a few muslins to get just the right fit.  Which was totally worth it because I love this dress.

Live in this moment and love life!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MMM '12 Days 7-12

First of all, thank you everyone for sharing your stories on my last post!  It was so much fun to read your comments and I feel much better about my pattern purchase.  I am a little behind in getting this post up as it has been difficult to find time to be at my computer.  It seems I am either getting my house ready for a showing, getting out of the house for a showing or doing some house hunting.  I can't wait for an evening to just spend at home.

Me Made May outfit posts continue!

Day 7, Monday May 7
Monday I was trying to go for a 1940's look.  What do you think, did I succeed?  I started with my 1940's Briar Rose sweater, and a-line skirt and my new red lipstick.  I bought my first red lipstick about a year ago and was never really happy with it, but I am liking this new one.

Briar Rose, stepping back in time with:
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: Anthropologie

Day 8, Tuesday May 8
So last night I decided to put my hair in rollers, envisioning a mane of gorgeous locks the next morning.  Well let me tell you, after taking the rollers out this morning I looked like Miss Texas 1988 - which was not the look I was going for.  (No offense if you are Miss Texas from 1988, I'm sure big hair was all the rage back then).  Conclusion: a night of crappy sleep is so not worth it for this hair, probably won't be trying this again.  
Onto the outfit!  I wore my Pretty on the Inside Skirt that I made last summer.  I did not love this skirt when I first made it, but I have since lost a teeny, tiny bit of weight and now it fits just perfect.  I actually wear it nearly every week.  I'm also wearing a fun satin scarf, one of my few accessories - but I am always happy when I wear it.

Pretty on the Inside Skirt, all pretty with:
Sweater: Banana Repulic
Scarf: Banana Republic (I swear to do shop elsewhere)
Shoes: Via Spiga - Bloomingdales, before it closed :(

Day 9, Wednesday May 9
The hair drama continues!  I mentioned that yesterday the rollers didn't seem to set as I was expecting, well today I woke up to no hot water in my house!  That meant not shower, so I decided to throw my hair in braids.
For today I wore my swing dress.  I almost always wear it as I wore it when I originally photographed the finished dress - with a brooch at the neckline and my black and cream shoes (with this navy dress).  I decided to try something a little different for MMM '12, so I layered a pink cami underneath and wore my grey strappy heals.  The photos didn't turn out the best, but I think it worked.

Day 10, Thursday, May 10
I hope you are all still curious about what drama could possibly ensue today.  Well, the guy who came to fix our water heater said it was beyond repair and we needed a new one.  No problem.  Oh wait, it wouldn't be installed until sometime on Thursday. I decided that I just could not go to work yet another day without a shower.  Luckily I was able to work from home and hide my greasy hair from society.  As soon as the guy who replaced the water heater left, I ran upstairs to take a lovely hot shower.  You don't realize what a luxury it is until you have to go a few days without one.  With my day half over, and no need to return to the office, I threw on my Hawaii Lonsdale dress.  It turned out to be  perfect with the warm weather that day.  I also wore it our to dinner while Hubby Dearest and I were forced to go on a date while our house was being shown.

Day 11, Friday, May 11
Casual Friday!  It's always good when Friday rolls around.  This outfit looks pretty similar to something from week one - I promised there would be repeats, I do not have a lot of me-made clothing.

Day 12, Saturday, May 12
Today I was lucky enough to have a friend come and visit.  We spent a few hours just catching up on life before I had a bridal shower to run off to.  Since it was another beautiful day, I took advantage of the opportunity to wear my Little Sunnie dress.

Sorry I sort of got lazy and didn't share all the outfit details.  If you are dying to know about a particular item, just let me know and I will share the details.

I'm far enough behind in this post that there are several more days to record.  However, since I care about you and do not want to overwhelm, I will save those for the next post.

Live in this moment and love life!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Maybe I'm a Little Crazy . .

Recently I purchased this lovely little pattern, but I fear it is proof that I may be bit crazy. Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, Why miss Annabelle, I have no idea what you are talking about.  This really is a darling pattern and there is no reason why you should be ashamed for purchasing it.

Well let me tell you, it is a maternity pattern, and I'm not pregnant, and I knew it was a maternity pattern when I bought it!  Yes, dear readers, I saw this pattern and thought must add it to my stash for someday.  After all, I do plan on having a family in the future . . .

The funny thing is, I told my husband what I was doing when I purchased the pattern and he didn't make the slightest fuss about it.  Maybe he knows that with my current sewing queue, it will be ages before I have the time to sew this baby up.  Or maybe he's thinking that I can have all the maternity patterns I want, it doesn't mean I'm with child.  Or - one last one for you - maybe he thinks that he can't wait to be dad, so the thought of his little wife in maternity dresses is a happy thought!

To be honest, I'm not quite sure what he thinks, I'm just glad he doesn't think I'm crazy ('cause I do).  But don't worry, this is truly where I draw the line.  I'm not about to start amassing a collection of diapers, bottles, pacifiers, or actual maternity clothes.

How about you?  What is the most unnecessary pattern that you have bought?  Any strange purchases that are clearly not in line with your current life style?  Let me know I'm not alone here.

Oh, and if you happen across any other must have maternity patterns, let me know.  After all, when the time comes I want to be prepared to be the cutest darn pregnant gal ever ;)

Live in this moment and love life!

Monday, May 7, 2012

MMM '12 Days 1 - 6

Oh my goodness!  I made it through the first six days of MMM '12.  I knew the first week being casual week would present a challenge, but I think I did pretty well.  Please excuse any tired eyes, most pictures were all taken around 6:30 a.m. (thanks hubby dearest for waking up early to help me out).

Day 1: Tuesday, May 1
I started the challenge with an outfit that I actually wear quite frequently.  It was the second day of month end (accounting terms here), which means a lot to do in a short amount of time.  I wanted to wear something comfortable that I wouldn't mind working a few extra hours in.

Jeans: Victoria's Secret (hand-me-ups from my sister)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor (a few years ago)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Nordstroms)

Day 2: Wednesday, May 2
Started out as another grey morning.  I wore my Floral Tea Blouse and paired it with some jeans for the first time.  I think it works quite nicely as a casual top under my aqua cardigan (which you will likely see a lot of in this challenge).  Before leaving for work, I checked on my plant that I started from seeds - look how well it is doing!

Floral Tea Blouse, paired with:
Jeans: Express (from my college days or shortly after)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (I absolutely love this and wear it all the time)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (same as yesterday)

Day 3: Thursday, May 3
Today was still casual day at work, but I left during the middle of the work day to attend my little sister's pinning ceremony.  (I'm so proud of her, she graduated this week with a B.S. in Nursing and she has worked really hard for it).  I asked my husband how I look before taking these photos and his response was "not casual".  Really dear?  It's okay 'cause he likes this dress - which by the way, I did not make.  But, I did make the slip that I am wearing underneath.  I originally made the slip to wear under my swing dress, but after wearing it with this dress, I've decided that I should find more dresses to wear in under.

Anne Adams Slip, hiding under:
Dress: White House Black Marker (Love this store, wish they used more color)
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Belt: White House Black Market (Yeah, they used color)

Day 4: Friday, May 4
Yeah, Friday!  I was starting to get concerned about what else I made that I could pair with some jeans to finish out casual week.  My Pendrell blouse made the cut, adding a sparkly belt and a some heels from Anthropologie.  Honestly, I hadn't worn the belt since I worked at J. Crew during college.  Something about having my picture taken every morning has made me much more conscientious of what I am wearing.  Also, I ironed this blouse, which I otherwise would not have :)

Mermaid Teal Pendrell, dressed down with:
Jeans: Banana Republic
Belt: J. Crew
Shoes: Anthropologie

Day 5, Saturday, May 5
To be honest, my plans were to spend the entire day lounging in my cami-knickers and possibly doing some sewing  or knitting since my hubby dearest was away for the fishing opener.  Well I got a call that there was a request for a house showing at noon, so that put the kibosh on those plans.  My day sorta went from bad to worse.  To make a long story short - I got soaking wet while walking 1.5 miles from the auto repair shop to the mall in the rain, when I finally got home I found that I was locked out of my house, I then waited about 45 minutes in the cold (remember I am still soaking wet) for my awesome realtor to let me in my house.  I had the best intentions of photographing myself looking like a wet rat in my Minoru, but wanted to change out of my wet clothes immediately.  Here is what they looked like after I took them off:

Minoru Jacket, dripping wet with
Jeans: Express
Tshirt: Martin & Osa
Tank: J. Crew

Day 6, Sunday May 6
I wore my circle skirt to church and then to brunch with my mother-in-law, mom and little sister.  I have to admit that I have't worn this skirt a whole lot since making it - I think it feels a bit costumey to me.  I'm not sure if that is because it is a full skirt that not a lot of people wear, or because I had a poodle skirt (circle skirt) costume when I was a kid.  In any case, I'm glad this challenge got me to wear this skirt and I hope to find more reasons to wear it.

Circle skirt, looking fancy with:
Blouse: Banana Republic
Shoes: Anthropologie

Please share your thoughts, constructive criticism or anything else!

Live in this moment and love life!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Palette Challenge - My Pretty Plans!

After browsing through both my fabric and pattern stash, I've made my selections and I am really excited about them.  For my first dress (or at least the one that I am most giddy about) is a vintage 1960's pattern that I snagged for $0.50 (even cheaper than it originally sold for) at an antique shop.  I am going to make version 2 as a sleeveless dress.

The fabric has been in my stash for quite some time and I have been saving it make something that I will love.  It is Lisette fabric and sure was a lucky find.  Right about the time I was completely ready to give up on Joann's altogether, I was there to pick up a few $1.00 patterns and this fabric caught my eye.  I try not to buy fabric from Joann's because I can find nicer quality and cheaper fabric at my favorite shop, but the gorgeous floral colors had my attention and it certainly was a quality fabric - so price was my only concern.  When I brought this fabric to the cutting counter I was informed that it had flaws and would be sold at 75% off the already discounted price.  So $6.47 later, I had 2.5 yards of this gorgeous fabric.  (The flaws by the way are really small and will be easy to cut around).  And now I believe in Joann's again.  Plus I am going to have a super cute dress.

I've also had my eye on Tasia's version of Vogue 1161.  To be honest, every time I saw this pattern I thought "ugh, so not cute" and then I learned that this was the pattern Tasia used and I was suddenly in love with the pattern. Isn't that funny how the pattern cover can be a complete turn off, then we see someone else make this pattern up and it becomes the holy grail of patterns?  I am planning to use a pretty floral rayon to make this dress.  Perfect for summer and hitting the dance floor at some June weddings.

And last on my list is a Butterick re-release of 5605.  I love the bow ties in the back and think this will make a fun 1950's style dress.  If I am really productive, I would love to have this dress finished in time to wear to a Back to the 50's event this June.

This is the only fabric that did not come from my stash.  While I was at the fabric store looking for some duck cloth to make bean bags for my dad, my eyes caught a glance of this green and white floral fabric in a dainty cotton lawn.  First thought: how strange to find this cotton lawn in the aisle with duck cloth . . . oops I had "accidentally" wandered into the apparel cottons.  Second thought: this reminds me a bit of a gorgeous image I saw of Grace Kelly on a Va-Voom Vintage post.  Since I had a pattern that would work and this fabric that magically appeared before me, I felt it was fate.  I bought some generous yardage with the hope of making a dress similar to the one from Brittany's blog post (also included in my mood board).

These plans pretty much make me smile.  The fabrics are gorgeous and the patterns have a lot of potential.  I hope I can find the time to bring these plans to fruition and enjoy frolicking around in some lovely dresses this summer.

What do you think?  Have any of these plans peaked your interest?  What sewing plans on your list are you most excited about?

Live in this moment and love life!