Monday, September 26, 2011


This past Friday I went to an event at my favorite yarn shop.  They were celebrating a new partnership with Rowan Yarns & Westminster Fibers - making Amazing Threads one of only two new concept stores in the US.  Having no idea what kind of excitement this celebration would muster up, I showed up just minutes after the celebration started.  To my surprise, this little yarn shop had a line out the door!

Keep reading to find out more about these lovely images and luscious yarns.
As I patiently waited in line just to get in the door, I found myself thinking how this excitement paralleled that of Missoni for Target.  Okay, maybe not that much excitement, but still far more than I had anticipated.

As I inched closer to the door I was given a number 58 (door prizes for the first 60, I just barely made it).  In addition to the bustling excitement, the best part for me was seeing so many familiar faces from my Tuesday night group.  I told them I was there to start building my stash (since they like to tease me for my ability to resist buying yarn unless I am about to start a new project - however, I must admit that they are rubbing off on me).

Since this event was held in honor of the Rowan partnership, I decided to treat myself to some lovely lace yarn.  This deep purple was the exact color that I had in mind for a vintage pattern (that I have yet to buy).  The lighter purple-grey may be used for some stockings.

Doesn't it just look like it would feel good next to your skin?
Once at checkout I was completely surprised to receive the Rowan Knit & Crochet Magazine #49.  They were giving this away just for making a purchase!   I love my yarn shop. 

This is a gem filled with lots of beautiful images for knitting inspiration.  I am now looking more forward to football season than ever.  Having this gorgeous yarn on my lap and these romantic images before me - I may not even notice that ESPN is on all day at my house!  (Yes, my wonderful hubby loves football - college and pro, so we watch a lot of football here).

I love how the models have a simplistic look to them, and the light airy knits
look so wonderful. Even the backdrops are gorgeous.
I just wanted to share my happy day with you.  Hope it inspired you to create something beautiful.

Live the moment, love life!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apple Orchard Blouse

Oh, I must confess: I've had this shirt finished for nearly three months.  Back in June it was sitting on my sewing table with the pins in the bottom hem just waiting for me to sew up that last line of stitches.  Then there was the morning of desperation - nothing to wear!  This happens to me frequently as I don't have a lot of clothes and sometimes life slips away and I can't believe how long its been since I've done laundry.

So there I was, panicking about being late for work with absolutely nothing to wear.  My eyes scanned the room and I spotted my almost finished blouse patiently waiting for those last stitches.  Hysteria came over me and I started madly pulling out the pins as I rushed down the stairs.  I dropped the handful of pins on the kitchen table and out the door I went . . . only finding one more pin on my commute to work.  I safely tucked the unfinished edges into my skirt and no one knew my little secret.

Pretty sure my eyes are open here, but just barely!
An in all honesty, that was not the only time I wore the blouse prior to finishing it.  However, I figured before diving into my Fall Palette Challenge, it was only appropriate that I complete my almost done project (especially since it had already gotten so much use, that I knew it would be well worth it to finish it).

Many of you probably recognize this as Tasia's Pendrell modified using Casey's scalloped collar tutorial.  I love Tasia's patterns, and I am so excited to sew up another  Pendrell for my fall wardrobe.  Ever since I saw Casey's Modern Thirties I knew I needed one for myself.  Of course, Casey was such a sweetie to take the time to write a well thought out tutorial that was so easy to follow.  I just love this blouse.

Only because there were signs that said "Do Not Climb Trees"
did I feel compelled to do so!
Every good photographer deserves a mug shot from time to time.
Live the moment, love life!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Modern Taste with Vintage Appeal: Colette Fall Palette Challenge

Yikes!  I am already feeling a little behind in this challenge, but I wanted to get some solid plans on the board.  If you remember from my previous post, I had decided on three colors - teal, brown and pumpkin. I also wanted to make things that I can wear every day to work.  What is most lacking in my closet is tops, but I could also use another skirt.

First up is a teal Pendrell.  This was the easiest decision because I bought this lovely silk charmeuse a while ago specifically to make the Pendrell in view A.

After digging through my modest pattern stash I found this pattern.  (It was the first pattern I ever bought on eBay - there wasn't a single other bidder so it was only $4.00)  It's a 1940s skirt and blouse.

I love this pattern.  The front welt pockets are the perfect detail and the simple A-line shape is so classic.
I will definitely plan on making the skirt in knee length.  I found the perfect wool for it.  Wool is one of my favorite fabrics to use.  I only have five completed projects to date - and two of them are made from wool.

Here is a close up of my wool fabric.  It was hard to pick up the color on my camera -
but it is more brown than what this picture is showing.
Now, what I am having trouble with is finding my pumpkin colored fabric.  I browsed my usual favorite stash, and in desperation made a trip to Joann's.  Still, I was unable to find the perfect fabric.  I was even willing to expand to cranberry or summer squash yellow.  No luck.  So the last piece is still a little up in the air, however I know that I would like to make the blouse from the above 1940s pattern.

It feels good to have some plans in place, I think this will help me stick to the challenge.  Do any of you have trouble finding the perfect fabric for any of your sewing plans?  Does this cause you to put your project on hold, or settle for something that you don't quite want?  Or are you lucky enough to find something better than your original plan?  I am curious, finding the perfect fabric for my sewing is one of my biggest struggles.

Live the moment, love life!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I probably shouldn't, but I'm going to anyway

So this past Spring I watched as other bloggers got excited about and participated in the Colette Spring Palette Challenge.  Now the Fall Palette Challenge is underway.  I really wasn't going to participate.  It's not because I'm Scrooge and don't want to be part of the fun - it's just that I can really take my time I'm just plain slow when it comes to completing sewing projects and ten short weeks doesn't feel like a lot of time to me.

Well, then I looked at the fabric from my most recent shopping trip, as well as what I had in my stash, and then the patterns I was considering sewing up.  It was a total mess!  My next project was going to be the Colette Ceylon in a very summery fabric (considering I am about to embark on seven months of winter, it's not the best idea to keep sewing summer clothes).  Then there is the fact that I am in dire need of tops - especially ones that can be worn to work (office professional) and all of my cutesy little dress patterns were not going to help me with that.  I needed to start sewing more practical things to wear to work.

So, although I probably shouldn't stress myself out over planning a fall wardrobe and coordinating fabrics, I am going to anyways.

So here is my inspiration:

I love fall colors (in Minnesota we get them for about a week) and I'm really inspired to sew up something with a fall/pumpkin orange.  I'm also thinking a solid neutral in dead leaves crunched-beneath-my-feet-leaf-brown.  Lastly, I wanted a pop of color and teal green seemed the perfect accent.

Also included is a photo of my Baba from 1949.  A simple vintage inspired blouse and skirt will be perfect for this challenge.

I don't have any fancy graphic programs on my computer, so I'm not able to call out each color, but hopefully you still get the idea.  Teal.  Brown.  Pumpkin.  Possibly red and golden yellow too.

So, I will have to do some fabric shopping, pattern searching and stash busting; I am going to give this challenge a good effort.  How about any of you?  Are you willing to join in even though it seems a little daunting?

Live the moment, love life!